Kelly Hansen



Marketing & Contracting Manager


Loves to share all her travel experiences with whoever will listen – she secretively does this to see the envy and also to motivate the one who is listening to see and experience for themselves. Her favourite destination in Namibia is the Zambezi (Previously known name: Caprivi) strip, she sees this destination as being part of Namibia but once you enter this area its completely magical, it feels as though you’re in a tropical rainy forest on some Mediterranean island with lots of green trees, and if you really look closely you might spot elephants camouflaged in these trees driving from Divundu – Kongola to Katima Mulilo or starring right in front of you crossing the road. “I do hate the mosquitos and the huge funny looking beetles, but I love the fact that I do not have to drive for hours and hours to see my favourite animals in this areas, the elephants, buffalo’s, hippo’s crocodiles…. The list is endless, I simply have to open my eyes and see.