Car Rentals

Car Rentals

Looking to travel through Namibia and most probably through to the neighbouring countries? Namibia is one of the countries in the world with easily accessible roads and the most direct and straight routes, you cannot get lost…

We will assist you with the rental vehicle of your choice during your stay in Namibia at the most reliable rental vehicle of your desire but with some expert advice prior to rental.

It is a requirement to be in possession of a valid driver’s licence written in English if one is not available; you will need to bring along the international drivers licence – this is solely for insurance purposes.

No car rental in Namibia will rent out a vehicle to a client if the client has not presented a credit card to them. Please ensure that the credit card has sufficient funds for the excess amounts as well as all deposits.

No cash payments will be permitted.

In Namibia our maximum speed limit is 120km/h on the tarred roads between towns. In towns the speed limit is 60km – 40km/h, please check out for the taxis that stand wherever they see customers – so you do not bump the rear of their car. On gravel road the speed limit is 80km/h or even less if the road conditions are bad.

In Namibia; we drive on the left hand side and over take on the right hand side, if you drive extremely slowly and there are two lanes please take the extreme left lane to make way for the faster car behind you.

Most of the tourist destinations are situated in paths where you will have to drive hours on gravel roads, thus our expert advice will be that the preferred vehicle to book would be a vehicle with high clearance such as a 4×4 to provide maximum comfort on these roads.

As some of the routes have harsh gravel infrastructures we will recommend that you pre-book the 2nd spare tyre.

Preferably choose to book the zero excess option or the super cover option; yes… the daily rental rate will be higher than the standard excess cover but you will be covered for much more than what you will be for the standard cover, please ask your booking agent for more information.

Please be informed that negligence is not covered and if you damage the car and it was caused by negligence you will be liable for all damages.

Some car rental companies have speed trackers and if you go beyond the speed limit you will hear a ticking sound; but only an alarm to warn you to slow down as you are driving beyond the speed limit. If you proceed a representative will call you and ask you to slow down.

As most of the destinations are between 5 – 6 hours driving time we will also recommend that you have a 2nd driver as well; and if you do not have an activity to partake in that morning from your destination to leave after breakfast.

Car Rentals accept Visa and Master Cards.

When collecting your vehicle at one destination and dropping it off at another destination you will pay a one-way drop off fee. Please query what amount your drop off fee is with your booking agent as it will be deducted from your card by your car rental or if you want to include this in your quote please mention this. On top of that you will pay a cross border fee when crossing the border direct at the border. Please ensure that the car rental hands the cross boarder permit upon collection of the vehicle.

Please note that you will need to check in 2 hours prior to departure at the Windhoek International Airport. It is approximately 45minutes drive from Windhoek to Windhoek International Airport thus please leave on time so that you do not miss your flight.

Make sure you reconfirm your flight information 24 hours prior.

Car Rental is based on 24 hours from time of pick up to time of drop off; thus when leaving your query please give us all the information. Please leave us a detailed car rental query.

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