Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet

At Hansen’s Booking Agency cc we understand how important it is to create a calm and relaxing environment for guests and to have our clients know that they have someone there with them in the beginning, during and at the end of their travel. This is why we always have one of our representatives meet you at either the airport or at the car rental company in Windhoek to welcome you and go through your travel files with you to answer your questions and make sure that that the start of your journey runs smoothly and to give you that go-to person in Namibia which will assist you during your trip for any travel assistance.

During the meet and greet, our representative will provide you with a cooler box which includes 2x water bottles 1x tiny bottle of Amarula per person as welcome drinks. We also provide you with a plug which you can use during your stay.

Our representative will provide you with a detailed travel file, which will include all travel information, vouchers, map of Namibia and brochures. This is the file our representative will go through with your during the meet and greet session.