Jeremias Hansen





A family man who loves endurance sport, his job and travel. Jerry left the police force where he was the station commander to retire and start a business with his family in 2008. As his children were very passionate about the tourism industry and always spoke about how interesting and fun this industry was he decided to venture into this industry but with as much knowledge as possible thus now holds a Degree in Travel and Tourism – majoring in marketing. ‘I believe once I start working in tourism it will provide the opportunity to travel and then to share those experiences with others, both professionally and personally, which I love’. His favourite experience is sitting back at the end of a day after doing some high adrenaline activity with the family. His favourite food is kapana (meat sliced in peaces) with porrage. My favourite weekend getaway is in Usakos at the farm looking out in the mountainious horizon, listening to the sound of sheep baaing, goats bleating and my cattle mooing… then I am at peace.