Samuel Ntema



Chief Financial Officer


Sam was a Student from the University of Namibia majoring in ACCOUTNING and AUDITTING.He has ova 6 years’ experience in the Namibian Tourism industry and ova 10 years in, Sam loves the Banking industry and Tourism offer you reasonable prices up to standards and to meet your needs……… 7 Years ago Sam explored Botswana, Zimbabwe,Zambia and Namibia and Felt in-love with its landscapes and beautiful creatures. He then wanted the rest of the world to see, experience and feel what he felt. His favorite destinations in Namibia is Twyfelfontein[afrinkaans:uncertain spring]officially known as /ui-//AIS[Damara-Nama: jumping waterhole] is a site of ancient rock engravings in the Kunene Region of North- western Namibia,UNESCO Declared Twyfelfontein as World Heritage site in 2007,and the meaning of Twyfelfontein is as follows Doubtful fountain or fountain of Doubt is the name of the valley in the Damara high land about 70km West of Khorixas, it’s such an amazing place to be with its massive open air art gallery with over 2000 rock engraving and its one of the largest in Africa most of this well preserved engravings represent rhino, the site also includes paintelephant,ostrich,as well as drawings of human and animal footprints the art work is authentic and breath taking there’s no doubt we are truly best with landscapes in Namibia. With his professional team besides him they will provide you with an amazing travel experience…